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Free yourself from
convenience trash, beautifully. 

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Zoetica  \zōˈeti ka\  means "a state of being alive, aware and vibrant".   We are dedicated to bringing Zoetica to our world. 

A "Leave No Trace" ethos -
everywhere, everyday.

Zoetica Zero Waste Systems redefine and elevate the style, convenience, and space-saving nature of the zero waste life with kits for every day use. 


Our mission is to change our nation’s relationship with single-use plastic.

We provide products and consulting services for companies, events and individuals.



Our compact, convenient and stylish kits allow you to refuse convenience trash all day long. Everything works better and looks better than the throw away alternatives.     


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When our founders personally committed to refusing convenience trash, they needed a system.  So many "sustainable" products didn't work, didn't last, or just didn't meet their design and style standards.  It took 8 months to find the right products that fit together in a compact, lightweight way.  At Zoetica, we believe others may benefit from our rigorous vetting process of products, companies and lasting benefits.  
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