Is Your Kitchen Trashy? Part 1: Going Paperless

Sure, it’s easy and convenient to reach for a paper towel when the spills get messy…and goopy…especially in my case with an abstract expressionist painter of a two year-old! But I’m here to tell you that it can be done. Easily. You’ll reduce waste and pollution and save money - all good things.


1. Find a Replacement

To set yourself up for success, first find a replacer for the good ole’ paper towel, order many, and keep them accessible. We use a beautiful organic cotton version from Gina’s Soft Cloth. It’s two-ply and sturdy and does a fantastic job no matter the mess.


2. Organization is the Key

Next, give your cloths prime real estate and fill an entire drawer so they are ready when you need them. You don’t even have to fold them if that’s not your thing. My toddler reaches for one of these anytime she needs one and, ironically, calls it a paper towel. We also have a wicker basket under the sink where we toss the dirty ones ready to be washed with other household towels.

3. Invest in a Few Microfibre Cloths 

To clean windows and mirrors, I have been using microfibre cloths for years (the same ones!). They are great and hands-down work better than a paper towel as they don’t leave any fuzzy white lint behind. You simply dampen the cloth, spray your vinegar solution and wipe to a streak-free surface. 


4. For Extreme Messes Have Some Old Rags Handy

Every once and a while, we encounter a mess so epic that it calls for something ‘major’ and we don’t want to use our pretty kitchen cloths. If newspaper won’t do the trick - rags made from old clothing can be used and then tossed having served a heroic end to it’s life.


You can do this! And we’re here to support you. Please let us know where you’re at with going paper towel free - did you quite them in one fell swoop or take a test run for a week? If you have any tips or tricks, please share them! We’re love learning new ways on how to make waste-free living easy and fun.