Tips For The Z-Life

Tips For The Z-Life

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Working full time? Kids? A hectic schedule? When time is scarce and sometimes it’s a challenge to just get out the door on time, adding more complications just isn’t an option. But if you’ve decided to join the Zoetica use less lifestyle, here are some tips for ways to easily incorporate that habit into your regular routine.

The first step, and maybe the hardest, is simply remembering to bring along the necessary containers and bags for your coffee, takeout, groceries and other stops throughout your busy day. A good way to do that is to designate a tray, box or tabletop to serve as your “staging area”. This is where you put your keys, sunglasses, wallet, tote bag or briefcase and phone, ready to go. Some of us find it’s helpful to put everything together the night before.  Just make sure you include in this staging area your Z-cup, Z-canteen and Z-tiffin (or your complete Zoetica Kit), all set and ready to go when you do. Put those things, mentally and physically, right next to your other daily essentials. Because that is exactly what they are: daily essentials.

As someone who usually gets takeout between shifts when I work a double, it’s important I have my food container with me, I’ve gotten used to making my Z-cup and Nomad Kit part of my everyday essentials (as per the last paragraph), but I still make mistakes. Sometimes I oversleep or have a last-minute hitch in my routine; for this reason, after washing my Wayfarer Kit from the previous use, I always put that right back in my car and keep it there all the time. This has proven to be a savior on more than one occasion. And because I am so dedicated to the Z-life, I even have a back-up kit at home, ready to go in the event I forgot to wash the first one!

If you are someone who eats out often and brings leftovers home, you might think about a hook right near your exit door where you can hang a few bagged containers. This makes it easy to remember to bring them along, but does not clutter up your staging area, since these items maybe aren’t part of your everyday routine. When you get home after your meal, put your leftovers in the fridge and before you even put the bag down, refill it with a couple more containers and hang it right back on that hook.

As for grocery shopping, I keep The Bag of Bags hanging from the seat of my car … always. After shopping, I fold those wonderful bags all up, including the produce bags, and put them right back in my car. I also store a few market totes in the glove compartment or center console of my car or in my purse. And there is always at least one extra Cortado cup and Z-canteen in my car as well, just in case.

Finally, if you are still struggling with remembering, you can always revert to using Post-it Notes. Stick them wherever you are sure to see them in the morning, with the message: “Don’t forget your Z-cup!” You will soon discover, though, that soon you won’t need reminders; everything will become habit once you have sincerely made the commitment to cleaning up our planet. So here’s to a big and important change in your life … beginning to live responsibly, and doing it effortlessly.


Elizabeth Smith