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Owners and Founders Elizabeth Smith and Karen Hoskin

Owners and Founders Elizabeth Smith and Karen Hoskin


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I began traveling for work in 1991.  Every day for years, I was heaped upon with throw away trash: plastic shopping bags, coffee cups, cutlery wrapped in plastic, to go containers, straws, plastic water bottles.  I began to feel like the Native American in that old 1970's commercial with the tear streaming down his face.  The trash cans filled with single use waste hurt me.  The litter left around the airport lounges and hotel lobbies hurt me.  I needed to make a change.  Today, I refuse an average of 19 to 20 pieces of single use trash each day on the road and 5-6 when I am home. All it took was making a pledge, reorganizing my life with systems and sticking to the Zoetica zero waste lifestyle - no matter what.  

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years.  I am currently the owner and founder of a craft distillery called Montanya Distillers.  Zoetica is my first social entrepreneurship project and my first time partnering with another female business owner.  It is an incredible blast and so empowering. I believe one day Zoetica will come to represent a lifestyle that we all live to keep our planet habitable for our children. 



I am fortunate to have spent time in many beautiful places on this planet. I enjoy exploring wilderness areas and diverse cultures in this world. Traveling has awakened me to so many issues affecting our planet. Watching the destruction of our planet is heartbreaking for me. I am often left with a feeling of helplessness in not being able to change what we are doing to our only life-support system.
In those moments, I remind myself to examine my own life and the choices I make on a daily basis.  It all begins with being the change you want to see. Convenience trash such as plastic water bottles, utensils, coffee cups, and straws are literally choking our planet. Every piece of plastic we have used is still here. Plastic just gets broken into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually penetrating our oceans, our soil, our food chain, and our drinking water. The production and disposal of these products is affecting our planetary health world-wide. This convenience trash is not going "away". There is no "away", and no one is going to clean it up for us. It is up to each of us to create solutions and find new ways to make change. Convenience trash is not the only issue facing us but it is one problem I can take on as an individual.
I have a deep connection to nature, and feel as though it is my moral responsibility to protect it. I owe it to my children and the next generation. The Zoetica lifestyle is a starting point, it is a way to be empowered in this world. It is a baby step, but with all of us together it becomes a movement. As Margaret Mead said; "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." I am happy to have joined together with these two partners who are inspired and motivated to be the change.
By the time it took for you to read this, 2 million plastic water bottles have been sold worldwide. Let’s stop this madness.  Together.