The Warrior

The Warrior is a complete zero waste system.  


Everything has its place and designated pocket, which means you know when you have forgotten a component before you leave the house.  We carry this system because we care about fashion and style, and we also demand durability, washability and organization.  

 The outer Warrior bag is incredibly well made, resistant to dirt and stains, and water resistant in the rain.  We love the inner RFID pouch for international travel.  It is so empowering to have every single zero waste component you need, even when you don't know what your day will hold.  There is plenty of room for personal stuff - your glasses and Kindle, wallet, phone and more. You can even fit a Bag of Bags 4 in here to always have your grocery shopping Zoetica system with you.  We love the quick access phone pocket on the side too, as well as a key hook inside to keep your keys from getting lost in the stuffle. 

Seems a little pricey to you?  Remember, it is designed to last forever.  Also, having all the dedicated pockets makes you less likely to lose parts and keep buying cups and water bottles on the go. Read below about The Nomad and each individual component of this kit! 

You prefer to travel light?  This system is remarkably light unless each component is packed full (with water, coffee, lunch!) And remember, the planet is carrying the staggering weight of what we throw away. You may want to travel lighter but something carries the load of your single-use trash.  Learn More

The Explorer


90% of people carry backpacks to work, play and travel.  We took the most durable, stylish and beautiful backpack design we could find and converted it into The Explorer - a complete zero waste system.

We know that you care about fashion and style, and demand durability, washability and organization. This backpack is the best combination of these features that we could find.  We love that the design is widely appealing to men, women, college kids, high school students, travelers, and urban professionals.  The colors are classic and timeless.

We love the RFID pouch for international travel safety for credit cards and passport.  We love the outer pockets because your water bottle and coffee cup are easily accessible all the time, and you'll know if they are missing.  

The Nomad pouch fits so easily in the front pocket.  This leaves plenty of space for your laptop, personal items, wallet, books, glasses, and travel pillow - even your groceries for the bike ride home.  Read more below about the Nomad and each component of this system.     

We love that you get to choose which kind of stainless steel tiffin set is right for you.

The Wayfarer


Some folks have already gotten the reusable coffee cup and water bottle dialed.  They have bags they love to carry already.  But they haven't yet puzzled through how to refuse the rest of the single use items on the go - the shopping bags, produce bags, to go containers, straws, and cutlery.  The Wayfarer is the ultimate convenience kit.  It slides into any bag you normally carry like a tote, purse, computer bag, backpack etc. (Hey, if it doesn't promise to fit, check out the smaller Nomad.)  

The Wayfarer has a reusable cup for those inevitable times when you forget your own (we all do it!) We love this stemless wine shaped cup on the plane for wine, cocktails, beer, coffee, tea and juice.  Most flight attendants will thank you because most of them are appalled by the trash they throw away every flight.   We have just designed and added a bunch of new pouch styles and colors and keep adding new options to appeal to many different tastes.  Read below about the components in this system and why we love them.

We love that you get to choose which kind of stainless steel tiffin and which cup (top or no top, simple or more highly functional) is right for you.

Nomad Mini.jpg

The Nomad

Our smallest, most compact and most affordable system is designed for saving space while still practicing the zero waste approach.  Sometimes having something small, lightweight and easy to bring along improves the chances that you will have what you need when you need it.  The Nomad is a great solution for students and kids too.  We insert this system into The Warrior and The Explorer to compliment an outer carry bag and a complete hydration system (water bottle and coffee cup).  We love the diversity of sizes and shapes, fabrics and styles we can offer in this system - crossbody straps or not, one zipper or three, your choice of tiffin set.  So much versatility.  

Reusable Ziploc-Style Bags

Reusable ziploc.jpg

We cannot even begin to tell you all the hundred ways in which we use these incredible replacements for the Ziploc bag. Once you get a few, you will wonder why it took so long to get rid of the dreaded ziploc from your kitchen, travel, lunch, refrigerator storage and more.  We love the ease with which we can clean them (turn them inside out and place them on the top shelf of your dishwasher!) We love the three sizes from snack sized to sandwich/quart to gallon.  Karen puts tea bags in them and carry her favorite organic teas in her computer bag all the time. She also stores dried fruit and nuts in them to always have a healthy snack on the go. Elizabeth carries a sandwich to work.  We have our local greens delivered in them and use them at the farmers market.  We use them for kids lunches and for storing leftovers in the fridge.  We also use them as a doggie bag at the restaurant.  They fit easily in a purse or back pocket so you can avoid those awful plastic to go containers at the restaurant.