Your company compiled and shipped 400 Warriors and Wayfarers for our corporate holiday gift. We do a gift every year and this was by far the most popular one we have ever given. The theme of the gift was ‘walk the walk’ and we were so grateful to have a way to give a gift that helps us achieve our zero waste mission. Thank you!
— Paulo, Personal Assistant to Undisclosed Hollywood Producer
I am in love with my Bag of Bags.
As hard as I tried, I could never get my act together to have reusable shopping bags with me at the grocery store even though I had piles and piles of them. But since I got the Bag of Bags, I have my bags with me 100% of the time. I love that I can wash them easily (appeals to my antibacterial nature) and people always comment on how cool my system is. I hadn’t even thought about getting rid of produce bags before. The checkout people always comment and thank me for using them.
— Kristen, Grand Junction
I came home from your company launch event thinking how brilliant your concept and implementation is. All day yesterday, every time I purchased a coffee or a muffin, my thought instantly went to your mission and products, I’m hooked!
— Deborah, Crested Butte, CO

These kits make the greatest gifts. So stoked!
— Diane, Paso Robles, CA
Bag of Bags 4.jpg

I thought about Zoetica every time they served me on my 32 hour trip back from Argentina... they throw away so much crap on those airplanes... but it got me thinking about what you’re doing and how important it is ... it’s awesome!
— Matt, Breckenridge, CO

Ever since I saw these kits for the first time, I would think about them every time I had something disposable in my hand! It was hard to wait for the products to be available. Now I am part of the Z-Life and feel super empowered.
— Deanna, McCall, ID